Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012...Here I come

It's officially New Year's Eve. So I will be spending my time looking after my sick little boy and working on completing the flannel quilt top for my sister in law and her fiance. Here are some sneak peaks.

I plan to move my dining table into my lounge room and sew the night away whilst my husband watches some much deserved TV.

Here are some more photos to end off my 2011 year.

Hexagon Diamond #29

Ferris Wheel templates that I won from a blog. It was a belated birthday gift. I was very surprised to win them. I can't wait to play with them. I need to practice my hand piecing first. Meredithe at Pomegranate and Chintz designed this set of templates. She is a very talented lady. Go and check out her blog and her inspirations. Maybe Meredithe will help me play when I catch up with her for one of the Midday to Midnight Sewing sessions in 2012.

I caught up with my special friend Michelle and her mum Heather this week before my little man became ill. I love her purpose built sewing room. I'm just a bit jealous. I managed to finish off the quilt top for my Grandpa. It will be a belated Christmas gift. Now to get it to the LAQ.

Here was the original finished quilt top.

Here is the finished top with added borders to fit his bed better. I plan to bind the quilt in the brown.

I happened to get some fabric for Christmas from Santa for being such a good girl. I received 6 Prince Charming Charm Packs from Tula Pink. I think I have a idea of what I can do with this fabric. I have Kona Ash that I can add to it.

So now for the 2012 Goals

My biggest goal for the year is to attack my stash. I purchased too much beautiful fabric in 2011 and I need to use some of it up. If I need to add I will endeavor to purchase only backgrounds/solids that I need for individual projects. Stash first...purchase second.

I would also like to try some designing patterns and playing around with my EQ7 in 2012. I designed my sister in law's wedding quilt using the program and would like to keep going. But I also have ideas floating around in my head all the time. I need to get them down on paper. 

I think that I would like to set my set some goals once a month. So I will start with January. When we get to the end of the month I will re evaluate and set some goals for February and so on..

1. Finish off the Wedding quilt top so that I can get it to a Long Arm Quilter.
2. Quilt the checkered baby quilt. That means that I have to piece the backing before that starts.

3. Join up with Lee at Freshly Pieced every Wednesday if possible for 2012.

4. Finish Hannah's Quilt.

5. Finish Will's Floor panel.

6. Work on some hexagons. I need to give my self permission to do some hand stitching. I can pick these up and put them down whenever I can.

7. Try and blog at least twice a week.

8. Write down a list of my WIP's and projects that I want to complete.

9. Plan my little girl's number "5" birthday party.

10.. Set my goals for February.

I think that I'm going to be busy. Welcome to my 2012. Happy New Year Everyone!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hexagon Diamond 28

I'm playing around with my birthday present. I got the new IPhone 4S from my family.

So I thought I would show off my next hexagon diamond. 

In the end I've gone back to my computer as it didn't work out for me as well.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


This week has been about celebrations. There were of course some minor downers as well.

Monday was the last day of Open Playgroup for my son and daughter.

Santa came to visit. Just to say, my kids are very stranger danger when it comes to Santa. My little boy wouldn't go anywhere near him and to top it off he has an aversion to any sort of wrapping paper. He hates getting presents. Yes that's right, he hates to receive and unwrap presents. It takes him ages to even look at a new present when we unwrap them.

My minor downer for the week, my new scar wasn't healing the right way and the Doctor had to re cut and restitch it back together again. Not impressed really.

Tuesday I celebrated my birthday. I received some lovely gifts and I have to wait for my new IPhone 4s as there were none in stock. This is what I received. 
Measuring Cups

I also was able to catch up with my girlfriend Michelle and her Mum, Heather. I basted some more of my Ahhh hexies. I was also taken out to dinner. So the whole birthday was not too bad but I was sore from Monday.

Wednesday was another trip to the Doctor to check my new stitches.

Thursday was the last day of Rostered Playgroup for my little girl. She loves Playgroup and starts Pre School next year. This is her second year and she will miss it. She was so excited to tell Santa her Christmas request. REAL Fairy wings and REAL Pixie Dust so she can really FLY. If anyone has ideas about some Pixie Dust that doesn't involve glitter I would be very interested.

I finished off my Kris Kringle for the Murray Mallee Quilters Christmas Party. Sorry I forgot to take a photo of the finished gift but here is one of part of the present. I brought a new mug and Christmas cake to go with it. Can you guess what it is??

On Saturday I attended the Christmas Party. It was for lunch and I had a great time. Here is a photo of my Kris Kringle present and the door prize I received. My little girl has eaten my chocolates.

In amongst my trips to the Doctor, parties and celebrations, I did manage some more hexagon diamonds. I had lots of sitting and waiting at the Doctor surgery so I had lots of time to stitch with no interruptions. Here they are.
Hexagon Diamond 25
Hexagon Diamond 26
Hexagon Diamond 27

Now that my birthday is over, its time to decorate for Christmas. Tree is up waiting for presents to be wrapped.