Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where have you been??

Recently I attended a 12 hour Sew A Thon hosted by my very special friend Michelle. It was a fantastic day. I sewed until I dropped. Figuratively speaking.

I just happen to work on a long overdue quilt top. Not completed yet but getting closer. I also won the mystery door prize and made my very own lanyard.

A few of my sewing friends scolded me for not blogging.  So in light of my recent scolding, I'm writing a post to say, I've been busy doing some projects. I've been dealing with sick kids yet again. Attending specialist appointments. Getting back into shape and adopting a more healthier lifestyle. Also I have been doing my favourite past time, hexagons.

And as of last week, I'm the newly appointed President for my quilting group, Murray Mallee Quilters. I also talked my Mum in being the Secretary. So for the next 12 months I am wearing another hat.


  1. Good to hear from you again, Kylie. You have been busy. Each of your projects is beautiful. I love that first block--very bold and graphic. I have always had a soft spot for tumbling blocks. And hexies, of course--such fun colors!
    Congrats on your healthier lifestyle choices, your "new hat" (did you need that?), and surviving another round of sick kids. Oh, I remember well those days!!

  2. About time.......
    Was starting to think you had abandoned us ! lol.
    You did sew right to the end too......
    See you on Sunday

  3. So sorry about th esick kids. I hope you have kicked the germies to the curb for good. It is nice that you got to sew all day. I'm betting that was heavenly. Congrats on the new position.


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