Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Friday Finish

Another big week here at my house. We had some new beginnings this week as well. Firstly, my big girl started her first day of Primary School. She has been so excited to start and was exhausted by the end of the week. 

Master muscles started Child Care this week. We wanted him to have more social contact with children his own age to encourage his speech and social development. Fingers crossed. First day went ok. I picked him up smiling and happy to be going home after leaving him in tears.

So being the first Friday of the month, I joined Cheryll once again. I was exhausted but I did achieve my goal for the evening. I completed my next hexagon diamond. I don't know how many I have finished, I probably should count them again. 

I started the evening with this...

And ended with this....

And my special helper along the way. He decided that he needed a warm lap. 


  1. Good to hear the kids are doing well.
    Cute hexagon.

  2. Big changes when the kids start going off to school.
    This is a very softly colored hexagon unit. What do you have brewing here?


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