Friday, June 7, 2013

Still here

My friends are horrified that I haven't been adding to my blog. I don't know where May has gone. For me it went a bit like this...

My little man was diagnosed with Autism. We are now waiting for him to be assessed.

I came down with tonsillitis. Yuck!!! Not a good week for me. (Or two)

My highlight was my first weekend away by myself since my Son was 18 months.

I've been making items for one of my quilting groups as we are having a trading table at our local exhibition in August.

I have been working hard. It's been six months since I returned to work and I'm still adjusting to my different hats and have found I've not had the energy to sew much at all.

But in all of this here are some of my achievements

Speak soon


  1. Sewing is good therapy when everything else in life seems out of your control.
    I am sorry to hear about your son's diagnosis. I have a grandson who was diagnosed years ago with PDD, which is under the Autism Spectrum of Disorders. I know how devastating that news can be. Do you mind my asking how old your son is and how severe is the autism?

  2. Technically you weren't away by yourself you had good company that was not family. Love your bright quilt.


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