Saturday, September 7, 2013


I have started to play again. Oh how I have missed you.

I have also been in discussions with DH about my new sewing room. I can't wait!! 13 sleeps until we get the keys to our new house. 


  1. Looks like a pretty quilt you have going there, Kylie.
    New house with a sewing room? WooHoo!!

  2. So glad you are excited about your new house!!! Sewing room - how fun!! And your blocks are just lovely!!


  3. Kylie,countdown is happening, you will be in heaven. Can,t wait to see your new home. Valda

  4. I must start playing with mine.......
    Maybe tonight !!

  5. I did some EPP tonight.
    Hope to see lots of pics if your new house soon.

  6. Pooh, a sewing room? How lucky!

    I see a lot of excess fabric on the backs of those hexies. Do you use the square patches of fabric? When do you trim the excess? I am using the squares (I am NOT a fan of prep work - I want to get right to the fun part: stitching and quilting!), but I'm not sure when I should trim the excess. Any advice? Thanks!


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