Sunday, October 27, 2013

Candy Stripes

Hi ladies. To say the least I've been busy. Moving, unpacking, setting up my new sewing room, settling my son into the new house, (That has been a task by itself) and very early mornings. Just to say, my master of mayhem was awake by 4:10am and up for the day. It's still dark darling!!! I'm never planning to move with an Autistic child every again!!! And I knew that the change would be difficult but its no fun!!!

So prior to my move, I started the chevron quilt. The tutorial was designed by Kitchen Table Quilting. It was fun and a challenge. 

I managed to get my rows completed but had not had the chance to finish the quilt top due to the move and being unable to locate my various quilting projects in the packing. (we packed as we went to minimise disruption). little big girl had been invited to a birthday party this weekend. What do you give a child that gets everything bought for her? A quilt of course!!

So its made and waiting to be wrapped.

Introducing Candy Stripes

I used Candy Bloom fabric range by an Australian designer Rosalie Quinlan. It is gorgeous and when the quilt was made it reminded me of candy stripes hence the name. I just complemented the fabric with a white solid.

My binding is part of the range and my backing was a solid green homespun called Apple. It just is beautiful with the fabric.
I quilted it myself with straight-line quilting echoing the seams. It quilted together quickly thank goodness. I used Aurifil thread (2425) in NE 28 weight which I tend to use for all of my quilting as I like the thickness. I love the photo of the quilting on the back as it just stands out. I just used the same colour for both sides. What little girl doesn't like pink!!

The finished size is 52" by 70". Just lovely for a single bed (twin bed).


  1. Your quilt is amazing. Hope the special birthday girl loved it.

  2. What a gift! Can you come to my birthday party? : )
    This turned out beautifully!
    I understand, to some degree, your trials with the move. I have an autistic grandson--high functioning, but still doesn't do change well at all. They used to be neighbors to me and when they moved 7 miles away, he wouldn't speak to me for months. Seriously, it was like I had deserted him, although they were the ones that moved. And he had all kinds of acting out behaviors. Hope things settle down for you soon.

  3. You are a very clever MUM, and what a lucky little girl to get such a beautiful quilt. So pleased you have settled into your new home. Valda

  4. Wow. That is gorgeous and a very special birthday present for that little girl.

  5. It has turned out great......
    I enjoyed the journey with you too.


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