Tuesday, April 17, 2012

B.I.N.G.O - May for me

Calling fellow bloggers. It's getting closer to have your Bingo cards ready for the May for Me Bingo.

Want to join in the fun. Go and visit Hillbilly Tonya and check out the rules. There are lots of great prizes to be had. All I had to do was raid my stash and use 2.5" squares. There is a color theme for each of the letters of Bingo but you can see it clearly in my card for sure. 

Here is my card.

B (Blue) - sheep, alphabet, Planet, cotton, hearts

I (Yellow) - butterfly, checkerboard, cat, daisy, excavator

N (Red) - ladybug, star, blank, stripes, tomatoes,

G (Green) - tractor, holly, stocking, plaid, truck

O (Purple) - leaves, cloud, spots, suns, flowers

Anyone else want to have some fun too? Entry close Saturday. I completed my card in one evening once the fabric was cut and that didn't take long either. So come along and join in the fun.


  1. A great Bingo Card - thank you for the bit of shout out promotion, too. Thank you for linking up with us for the May For Me.

  2. Very nice looking card, Kylie. I hope you win something great! : )

  3. Cute card - I think you should be a winner!

  4. I got your card all logged down and ready for you today.

  5. Love your card...very bold colours!


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