Wednesday, April 4, 2012

W.I.P Wednesday - Back into Action

Wow. I can't believe that its Wednesday again. I have been such a busy girl on my machine this week. DH worked 5 nights so there was lots of alone time to idle away on the machine. So I'm heading over to visit Lee for W.I.P Wednesday.

It felt so good to be back on my machine Friday night. After my week of feeling like crap (I had the flu), I wanted to just sew something up quick and easy to feel like I had achieved something.

Do you remember this? 

It was my Modern Mini Challenge that I made. Well I made another. This time I cheated by using strips of fabrics for the Octagonal Orb instead of squares and rectangles for a scrappy look. I also added some more borders to the octagon shape to make it bigger before the final borders. Here it is. 

Do you like my model?? She wanted to hold it up for me for the photo shoot. I used Kona Med Grey for the background and some Art Gallery fabric for the Octagonal rings and pink border. I loved how quick it came together. Not bad for an evening on the machine.

Saturday night was spent knitting. By the time I realised that I wanted to work on my machine, I didn't want to interrupt my DH's nap before work. So on Sunday I quilted this beauty. I quilted in straight lines and heavily quilted the Octagonal shape especially in the grey. I found a great matching cotton from Madeira for the quilting and so want to get more as this background color is my new favorite. I think I have caught the grey bug.

It was bound Tuesday night. Now I need to hand sew down the binding.Its going to a new home soon. A surprise. I will indulge further another time.

Also I've decided to give this one a new home too. A lovely lady across the road, lost her husband to cancer Tuesday week ago. It is very sad that she is all alone. I wanted to give her something to help her through this difficult time.
Monday and Tuesday evening was spent quilting this beauty. Some straight line quilting across either side of the seam and now I just have to finish by sewing on the binding.

We put our clocks back Sunday morning (3am) for daylight savings. Well living in my house, Master L was awake at 4:55am and Miss A at 5:40am. So much for the extra sleep time in our house. It hasn't improved much over the past few mornings either. I wake up in a world of black and watch the color changes through my kitchen window most mornings. I will enjoy my sleep ins when they are older if I'm lucky. More time for basting and sewing when they have a sleep this afternoon.

I am getting ready to piece together some HSTs for the Festival and work on my Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin. What are others up to over the next week?

I am also going away tomorrow and driving 6+ hours to visit a special friend, Simone to hang out and catch up. But the most important part is that I'm planning to have a continuous sewing party. We won't be able to sew all the time as our respective children will take priority and we have outings and activities planned, but I plan to sew with her as much as I can. If I don't link up with Lee next week and am not around much in blog land, its because I'm having too much fun.


  1. I really love your projects. And the quilt for your neighbor will be well loved I'm sure.

  2. I love the quilting in the octagon quilt- very nice indeed... good on you for giving such a lovely gift to your neighbor!

  3. Your second octagon is lovely, Kylie. Beautiful quilting job!
    Very thoughtful of you to gift that quilt to your neighbor!

  4. Great projects. I love your octagon quilts. Quite impressive.

  5. So much going on and such wonderful show & tell. I hope you have a blast and gets lots of sewing done while visiting your friend!

  6. Drive safe!!
    Give Simone a hug too....
    Have a good time.

  7. Your neighbor is going to love that quilt! That's so nice of you to do that for her.

  8. I'm sure your neighbor will be very comforted by that quilt.

  9. Hi - I'm stopping by from Sew Many Ways Find a Friend. Your orbs are fantastic - I especially love your quilting!


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