Thursday, August 18, 2011

My week so far...

So my week has been a little out of the ordinary for sure.

Sunday started with catching up with a group of amazing ladies who are also share my love of patchwork and quilting. It's my day off. It's my sanity day. It's my day when I get to be me and fulfill my addiction. My girlfriend Michelle from Daisy Hill Quilts has been making some amazing projects. Go and check out her blog. Her work is just divine.

Monday. My DH and I took our 2 year old to see another Dr about his adenoids and tonsils. We had a surgery date with another Dr but its just taking too long and we kind of wanted things to get better for him. Well, to  sum it up, the Dr was shocked and wanted to operate before his holidays in September. So he had a vacancy for Tuesday.

Tuesday. My 2 year old had his surgery. It was worse than we knew. Dr was glad to had been able to correct it for him but it was not good. All fixed now and we had an overnight stay in hospital. 

Wednesday. We were discharged from hospital with the promise that if he didn't start eating and drinking we would call the Dr. Apparently, little kids often don't like it when they have to stay in the hospital and refuse to eat or drink. Thank you McDonald's chips and cookies. The drive home was a huge relief because our 2 year old started to eat and drink again. I can see people grimacing as they read this. We were actually told to give food that is textured and to let our 2 year old eat everything. Go figure.

Thursday. After a full nights sleep from all, our 2 year old has decided that he will eat with gusto. The best thing is that apart from the fighting to give him medicine and pain relief, I don't think people would believe that he actually had surgery on Tuesday. He is just full of energy and bounding around the house. 

So this week has been definitely interesting, stressful and tiring. I can't wait for next week to come around. The remainder of this week will be spent recuperating by everyone.

I did receive a parcel in the mail today. So excited but I'll post pictures later.


  1. Just a heads-up, Kylie. Three of my four kids had their tonsils out at the age of 5. The first two took about 5 days to get back into the routine of eating and being active. Then they were fine. However, the youngest seemed to bounce back immediately --eating and playing as though nothing had happened to him. After a week things went downhill, Suddenly he would wake up in the night crying about the pain and he seemed pale and drawn in the daytime. At first I thought he was milking this for all it was worth, but finally I called the Doc. I was told that his pattern was more common than my older two and that kids often feel worse the second week. I'm not saying that will happen to your child, but if it does at least you know it is normal.

  2. Goodness gracious me! You have had an eventful week! Hope Liam's recovery continues to go well. I've just arrived in Forbes for 2 days of uni. Raining all the way.
    Have a restful remainder of the week!

  3. Wow, what a week you've had.

    I hope your little guy continues to recover quickly.


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