Wednesday, August 24, 2011

W.I.P Wednesday

I missed out on catching up with everyone last week for W.I.P Wednesday. So this week, I'm heading over to visit Lee at Freshly Pieced for another W.I.P Wednesday.

So for all who have happened to read about my eventful start to last week, my 2 year old has bounced back with gusto. Not only has he stopped snoring, his sleeping is more settled. He has started to babble and hear things all around him. We were beginning to wonder if he would ever talk beyond a few words and we knew that he wasn't hearing at all. The wonder on his face when he can hear what is happening is priceless. Just to hear "oh Dad" brings a smile to our faces.

So I thought that I would show my progress with some photos. I have taken some recently to keep up to date with my projects.
hexagon diamond 20

hexagon diamond 21

ready to cut for friendship challenge

hexagons galore

Christmas placemats for TOMG swap

I am really excited about the upcoming weekend. I'm off to Melbourne which is a 4 hour car drive away to attend a Midday to Midnight Madness Sew-a-thon or Quilt-a-thon however you want to describe it. I will hopefully show heaps of photos but its going to be lots of fun. I'm having some solo time whilst DH and the kids have a play with Nanny and Pa. I think I deserve some time off and there's nothing better that a quilt workshop or activity to attend to make that time more fun.


  1. Those fabrics you are using for your hexis are 'sew' pretty. Glad to here the little boy is doing better.

  2. You have so many fun things going on--and what a treat to have a quilty get away!
    Glad the little one is doing so well. That is a blessing!

  3. Life is so much more pleasant when your kids are feeling better, isn't it? Your placemats are very cute, and I'm a bit jealous of a Sew-a-thon! Have fun!

  4. Your hexie diamonds are awesome. And enjoy your sew-a-thon. I think those weekends are amazing--and necessary.

  5. Love your hexies. I have a few of those going myself. I finally had to put in a bar graph on my blog cause I was interested to see how many were going into one quilt!

  6. my 2 yr old grandson is very loud and boisterous and babbles on and on, but for the most part it's just gibberish. I'm sure he knows what he is saying, but we don't have a clue.
    My daughter took him for a hearing test this last week. I didn't hear what the results were just that next week he goes back to start working on his speech.


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