Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A new life...

After my decluttering expedition on the weekend, I rediscovered a quilt top that I made in 2006. It was one of my first quilts with HSTs.  

When I made it, I loved it and I still do. It was made with 1930's fabrics. I was planning to have it quilted for DH's grandfather but unfortunately his is no longer with us. So I'm planning to give this to another person, I've decided that it can go to a new home with my Grandpa. 

In 2010, my Nan had 3 strokes very close together. We thought that we were going to lose her but she pulled through and made a miraculous recovery. Well this year my Nan and Grandpa moved into a aged care hostel close to my Auntie. My Nan learnt to quilt in her later years of life +75's and had started a number of quilts which she could no longer finish after her strokes.

My Mum inherited her UFOs and material. There was some fabric that Mum had to use for Nan to make her quilts out of. This is her Crinoline ladies using red and white fabrics. Mum hand stitched the ladies in variegated DMC red. (The dated photos are my Mum's photos which I got off Facebook).

So for Christmas this year, my Nan is getting her beloved pansy fabrics into a reversible quilt. The front of the quilt is hexagon flower garden blocks using her pansy fabric. The backing is pieced together with her left over fabric.

So I decided that I would give my Grandpa his own quilt for his new twin bed at his new home for Christmas. I just need to add some borders to the top and bottom of the quilt. It currently measures 54" x 61" and I want to make it longer for him. (A note to self... Iron quilt top before photos) Stay tuned for further updates.


  1. I love the quilt you are going to give Grandpa. It will make a good man's quilt. Now he won't be left out when your Nan gets the beautiful quilts that have been finished for her! They are both wonderful--and what a pieced back! Good work all around!

  2. Look forward to seeing more pics

  3. Dawn has been a busy girl.
    Grandpa is going to love his quilt.


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