Wednesday, January 25, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

This week has flown by again. I'm heading over to catch up with Lee at Freshly Pieced to find out what others have been up to this week.

This week was a one big celebration. Our little girl turned 5 and had her birthday party. The big downside was that DH and I are still battling with a virus that just doesn't like to respond well to antibiotics at all. I'm so over being unwell. So the party went off without a hitch and Miss A had a fantastic time. We were all very exhausted by the end. She is into fairies and wanted a fairy cake with red icing.

My little man is growing up so fast. He dressed up as a pirate and doesn't look 2 anymore. Now we are counting down to his big 3 birthday next month. He has also had another growth spurt and is looking really tall to everyone else. He is catching up to his big sister fast on the height scale.

So for my achievements this week...

I joined the Friday Night Sew-In with Crafty Vegas Mum and tried to finish off my first Rose Star Block. I really like how it comes together. I was exhausted by 11:30pm and had to go to bed with a few seams left to finish off but I managed to complete the block on Saturday.

I completed another Ahhh Hexie this week. It's the Sliced Hexagon. I need to get some more card stock as what I have isn't thick enough.

I have also worked on my colored hexagons. Last row of color went on last night. Now to add the rest of the background. I'm thinking of adding another row of background all around the quilt. 

I have my cottons brought for hand quilting this project. I'm looking at circles that interlock together. All the cottons are variegated.

This upcoming week its all about my machine. I really need to finish piecing my sister in-law's quilt. Deadline is looming and I don't want to quilt it myself.


  1. What little girl wouldn't love that cake? I know my Granddaughter would be thrilled!
    Hexies, hexies everywhere! They are all looking good--especially your near finish.

  2. I wish I had the patience for hand piecing like you do! The rose star block looks great.

  3. Wow! Those colored hexagons look some teeny tiny!! How small are they??

    1. The hexagons are 2" finished. They were made with a Kona solid charm pack.

  4. Your rose star block looks fantastic, I am drooling over your hexi quilt -- awesome idea, happy birthday to your little, and feel better!!!

  5. I hope that you get to feeling better soon. I am amazed at what all you get finished with that busy household that you've got going on!

    Oh, and I cannot wait to see you quilt that rainbow quilt. It is going to be beautiful!!!

  6. The rose star hexagon looks beautiful.

  7. Oh my...there is so much eye candy here, it's insane! I love the stars and the colored hexagons are just lovely. How you manage to get so much done with two young children is amazing!


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