Sunday, May 27, 2012


Sorry that I've been away. This month was supposed to be a celebration but our reasons to celebrate have been postponed until later in the year. So over the past 2-3 weeks, I have been picking up the pieces in our family. We have been living with tantrums, defiant behaviour, sleepless nights and periods of pulling hair out (figuratively speaking). Life has been a roller coaster. 

I have been checking up on all my favourite blogs even though I haven't left my mark around. I have been sewing away both on my machine and by hand just to keep my sanity.

I have been enjoying the May for Me Bingo though I haven't had any wins as yet. 

So I just dropped by to let you know that I've been around but I've had some reasons to be away.


  1. All your projects look wonderful! I always enjoy your color combos!! Praying for peace in your family!! Blessings

  2. Glad you are back. Hope you get to celebrate soon.

  3. I so understand. We get a lot of defiant behavior and tantrums here too and sometimes I'm just too worn out to sew. I hope it gets better very soon.

  4. Sorry about the struggles, Kylie. I've missed you and I hope things will improve for you and your family.
    You've got some great projects going on.


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