Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother's Day Raffle Quilt

I have started the month of May with a raffle quilt that will hopefully raise some money for my son's Playgroup. It's another jelly roll race quilt. This time I used Mix and Mingle by Sandy Gervais. These quilts are so quick to put together. I used Moda Marbles in purple to back and bind the quilt. It is a really nice dark purple. The quilting is my usual with this one. I love the straight line quilting either side of the seam lines that go horizontally across the quilt.

The finished quilt measures 49.5" X 63".


  1. Very nice looking quilt Kylie! I just watched the tutorial again to remember how to make this one. I love the colors on yours, they look so warm.

  2. Sandy Gervais always has such fun fabrics. Nice job, Kylie!

  3. Very nice Kylie!!!
    Much better all done and quilted.
    Even if it did take you most of our Sunday to
    We can't help it if we are too particular, can we ??
    I hope you raise enough money for play group too.
    Where can I buy a ticket???

  4. Very nice. I hope it raises plenty of money.


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