Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Month 1 - Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin

I received my first block in the Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin. It came all the way from Pippa in France.

Here is the block I received. I love the colors. I don't normally work with batik fabric so it was a nice change.

Anyhow without divulging too much. I'm thinking purple and off centre. After all it is a modern mini challenge. (P.S. Pippa, I love purple too)

I will post pictures of my completed blocks for each month between April and October after the swap has ended. When we signed up for the swap we were asked not to show too much of what we were doing, so our partners had a surprise at the end. I hope they all like their surprises from me.

I'm sending the block off to the United States this week. Here is what else went in my package.


  1. What an adventure those blocks are having! Don't you wish you could go with them? : )

  2. I'll get to see what you did to that block when it arrives here. And the are just so sweet. Come visit anytime!


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