Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting on board...

Sounds like I'm heading off on a trip. Well kind of anyway. 

This year is taking off for me.  I have found things in blog land that are calling out to me.

The first calling is the Scrappy Trip Along on Flickr.  If you haven't already seen the addiction across the internet go and check out the link. I have admired this pattern and tutorial for a while and have had it on my bucket list. Every trip made is an ode to Bonnie's genius mind and scrappy talents using her infamous stash.

Which leads me onto this. I want 2013 to be a year of this.

I have tried and tried to make this happen and have found myself drawn into the new gorgeous lines out there. But this year I need to pull my head in and break into the stash. The biggest reason for stash busting is house renovations. Since returning to work, DH and I have been discussing upgrading our house and moving on. But over the last week, we have come to the realization that with little kids and money spending it would be cheaper to renovate our current house and double its size. Yep, we are extending. Plans are currently being drafted up and next step is finding a builder.

So to acknowledge my pledge to downsize the stash, I joking told my DH this morning that I could make a scrappy trip quilt for every bedroom and my stash would not look like it had been touched. 

I'm thinking though that I would love to make one out of all my spots. I have numerous shade and colors of fabric that happen to be covered in spots. Not a bad plan. My other idea was to attack my stash of 1930's fabric. So thank you Freda for your suggestion and gentle nudge on your blog, it now my time to take action against the every increasing stash. 

Oh and the best news about renovating. Not only will I have a brand new bedroom with ensuite, the new renovated house will be 4 bedrooms, larger bedrooms for the kids and a sewing room (study) for little ole me with a lovely big cupboard built in. Now all my fabric will be in one place and I'll have a little room of my very own.


  1. I hope you can achieve your goal of using stash!
    Yesterday I went to a LQS that was sponsoring a free Scrappy Trip SAL all day. I sewed for 6 hours (well, I visited a bit, too) and came home with 6 finished blocks. Mine looks different than any I saw on the flicker group. I'll be interested to see what you create.
    Oh, the renovation sounds wonderful!

  2. Very exciting. You can make me a scrappy trip. Just a small size lol


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