Friday, May 20, 2011


So I thought that I would share with you some of the wonderful things I have discovered over the last few days and it all revolves around fabric. Fabric that I have recently purchased and fabric in my stash.

Max & Whiskers Fabric
I could just sit and drool like Homer Simpson some days over my fabric and I love rummaging through my stash that is hidden away and out of eyes sight to rediscover pieces that I have forgotten about. 

Anyhow....I'm in love with Sandy Gervais's fabric collection, Lollipop
I previously purchased a layer cake and some yardage to make a quilt from a Moda Bake Shop pattern but it has been sitting in my stash for a rainy day when the Fat Quarter Shop (thanks Kimberley) had Lollipop on sale. So I just had to buy more fabric. Woo Hoo!!! It arrived this week and is being put away for another rainy day.

I also purchased a Kona solids card because I find it difficult to see what colours would look like over the Internet. Some photos aren't so great for colours so having the card is making my life so much easier. Now I have colours at my finger tips.

But my biggest find was some fabric from an Australian designer Jan Mullens. I had forgotten that I purchased this range Bohemian Melodiez. So with another baby to make a quilt for I thought how great this fabric would be as the baby's mother has indicated that she likes retro modern fabrics and not baby cutesy poo.
I just wonder if it is ok to put black in a baby quilt or should you stick to other colours? What are others' thoughts on this?

But the main reason for stash hunting today is finding more fabric for my Friendship Challenge. So here is the fabric that I was sent.
Here is the fabric from my stash. What do people think? 
How much fabric is too much. The quilt will only be lap size. But I hope that with the colours I have (I'm not allowed to purchase any fabric I must use my stash) that I have enough to play with.

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  1. Fabric choices look great.
    Black would be a great contrast for the babies quilt, great idea.


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