Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sew on Saturday

Today I had a great opportunity to catch up with a good friend, Michelle from Daisy Hill Quilts and her Mum, Heather. My darling DH had the kids for the afternoon so I could sew. I just happened to be working on a quilt for another friend who is having a baby in less than 9 weeks. So while I was sewing away I finished strip piecing this pile.

I still had the bug after tea and when the kids went to bed. So I completed my strip sets. I sewed together 10 sets ready for ironing and cutting into 2 1/2" strips to resew into 36 patch blocks. 

I'm in love with the colors and how the white fabric offsets them.

Thanks Michelle and Heather for a great afternoon. I think I will be sewing again tomorrow to piece some more blocks together. If you haven't seen Michelle's blog yet, head on over. She is an amazing patchwork and quilter and her work is beautiful.


  1. Well thank-you.
    You aren't to bad either.
    Glad you had a good time.

  2. I love the 36 patch blocks so many bloggers are currently making! This simple little block combines with others of its kind to make a vibrant quilt top! You have nice colors--can't wait to see the result!


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