Wednesday, September 7, 2011

W.I.P Wednesday

Its been a couple of weeks, but I'm heading over to visit Lee at Freshly Pieced for another W.I.P Wednesday.

I'm so far behind in my catch up projects. But I'm definitely up to my true form. I have been working on my hexagons (the addiction is killing me) instead of finishing off my friendship swap blocks or my placemats, etc, etc.. I just look at my hexagon project and it calls to me. I should really hide it away so I can finish off my W.I.P.s.

Since last week, I have gone for this....

To this....

I've never really worked in solids before. It was something that I was encouraged not to use when I started quilting. With all the quilts in solid fabric out there I just had to try something out. I'm having heaps of fun in the process too.

My son had a speech therapy assessment today to see how we can get him on track again with his speech development now that he is on the mend. He is babbling all the time and having great little conversations. It is all gobbly gook to us but it sounds great.


  1. Your hexies are looking great - I love solids.

  2. Love your hexies! I'm actually a speech pathologist; hope things are going well with your son!

  3. Love the Hexies- it's always hard to be disciplined when there's one specific project we want to work on. That's funny that you mention speech therapy, because my son just had his first speech therapy session this morning.

  4. I think it is great that you are drawn to your hexagon project. I've had mine for so long I have to force myself to work on it.
    Isn't it funny the quilting "rules" we have learned along the way--and most of them are made to be broken! : )

  5. Your hexies look great. Can't wait to see what the finished quilt will look like.

  6. I love the gray - makes the other colors POP! Cant wait to see the rest of it!
    Hope your sons assessment went well, it's funny to see that in blogland, i'm a teacher of the deaf working with oral/aural students so sometimes I feel like a speech therapist! haha

  7. Those solid hexies look great, and i'm not normally a hexy fan!

  8. I did a Grandmothers Flower Garden, in queen, many moons ago. Something about the handwork is addicting!
    This is solids makes me want to try my hand at another!
    Just love the portability of it, until, it's time to actually *quilt* it!
    Looking good!

  9. I was discouraged by others on the use of only solids too, but I absolutely love them if mixed properly. That you definitely did really well. I think you're hexie quilt is going to look amazing when done. No wonder you're so focused on doing that rather than other things.


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