Monday, November 28, 2011

More Hexagons

I have been busily working on more of my hexagon diamond quilt over the weekend and my Ahhh hexies. Its about the only thing I could manage over the weekend as I have been extremely sore and it's been hard to move about. My wonderful DH has been looking after me and done heaps of housework on top of looking after our 2 year old. My little girl went away for the weekend with her grandparents to the annual family Christmas parties and has had a great time. The house has been extremely quiet without her constant chatter. My little man has enjoyed all of his dad's attention as his competition has been elsewhere.

I managed to finish off hexagon diamond number 24

I have also basted hexagons for diamonds 25 and 26. I completed 2 more half diamonds for the side of the quilt.

I have nearly finished the Columbia hexagon but have a few more whip stitches to complete. I will post a picture once it is finished.


  1. Hope you are recovering well. Nice that you can get some down time to recuperate.
    Hexagons look great!

  2. You have been a busy girl.
    They look great !

  3. Hope you recover quickly but also that your husband keeps up with all of the help!


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