Wednesday, November 30, 2011

W.I.P Wednesday

Hi everyone. I'm back again for another W.I.P Wednesday with Lee at Freshly Pieced. 

This week its all about hexagons. I have been recuperating from minor surgery this week and I've been basting and whip stitching my hexagons together. I pulled out my hexagon diamond quilt and completed diamonds 23 and 24 and 2 half side diamonds. 

Here they are...

I also basted hexagons for diamonds 25 and 26.

I also finished Hexagon 3 - The Columbia for the Ahhh Hexies group that is happening over at Hillbilly Handiworks. Here it is...

I've also been basting the smaller pieces (there are 96 of them) to complete Hexagon 4 - A Girlie's Star. Here is one of the smaller hexagons that make up the larger hexagon shape. They look cute. 

Last but not least. There were 2 special baby boys join us the last couple of days. One little man known as "Fox Theo" will be receiving this lovely quilt when finished.
The other little boy will have his own special quilt too. He doesn't have a name yet that I know of but I know he will love his gift too. I just have to make it. The design is in my head, now to put it down and sew it up. Its going to be a basic 9 patch and snowball block combined.

My brother and his girlfriend found out this week that they are having a boy too. It must be the year of the boy as all my friends or family this year have either had or are expecting boys. Go figure. 

I'm getting clucky all over again..LOL


  1. It is all wonderful stuff, Kylie. The hexies are each so different, yet beautiful. And I have always loved your 36-patch.
    I've also wanted to do a 9-patch and snowball combination, along with a few hundred other designs! : )

  2. Only a few hundred ?
    Seems like thousands !
    Very lucky little boys.
    It was nice to see you today too.

  3. Great hexies !!! I agree with the boy thing everyone I know has had boys this year

  4. WOW! Your work is amazing! I have yet to try any of that. I'm still doing the easy stuff. :)


  5. Handpiecing is such a relaxing way to spend time...I hope your recuperation is pain free and quick! Thanks for the inspiration on the hexes and stars...they're beautiful!

  6. wow! you are a hexi machine!! Great work.

  7. Great progress. Love all those hexagons!

  8. Great job on your hexies! They're beautiful! And I love the little boy quilt. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday! : )

  9. Oh, your hexies are so so beautiful!!!!

    And I love that little boy quilt. I saw a similar on another blog and fell in love, but I really really like the colors in yours. Very cute!


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