Monday, July 11, 2011

Calling out for help??

Where is she when we need her?  If I remember from the movie, she comes in on the East wind. 

Well I've decided that I need her today. I've already put out a wanted ad on Facebook for a pair of ear muffs, a set of octopus arms and a magic wand if anyone has any of those, they would be greatly appreciated.

But if you happen to find her out on your travels today can you send her my way....


  1. I feel your pain....... The kids and I are off to Mildura for 2 nights sawedn't have any power during the day for the next 3 days!!!! Saw Michelle in the big city today. See you on Sunday xxxx

  2. Been there ! Done that ! But they do grow up and then they give you different nightmares, ones that I think Mary Poppins can't fix.

  3. How did you go? Were you able to find her?

    Mildura for two nights that will be great, nat. NO power in the middle of winter, hope the freezers are not too full. What about all those electronic cash registers? Oh no.....

    Yes I can share a few nightmares don't you worry! Miss 16 has provided me with some...

  4. Yes I know days like that, mostly at work but they are stressful. Thanks for visiting my site via the WIP.


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