Sunday, July 10, 2011

Online Shopping

I love browsing the online fabric stores for new inspirations. I have been keeping my eye on some fabric from Tula Pink's range of Prince Charming Fabrics. I have really seen a different side to the fabric over various blogs and have fallen in love with it.

So I happened to be looking at the fabric again and I just caved in. Now I will wait for it to arrive with some Kona Solids. Many thanks to Kimberly Jolly at Fat Quarter Shop. I continue to go back and visit her again and again.

I would just like to thank all the people at W.I.P Wednesday that sent out their wishes to get better soon. I am on the mend and have been keeping busy with some stitching and knitting to pass the time. But as one person starts to mend, the next gets sick so its ongoing here. But I'm hoping that as the warmer weather arrives and there is more outside time, the bugs and germs will go away.


  1. I love online shopping as well!! what a great picture you have taken there!! Cheers!!


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