Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekend Project - Quilted IPad and Accessories Case

So from a bit of a push from my special friend Simone at Quilting is My Downtime who has just come into possession of an IPad for work, I am finally putting together my tutorial for the Quilted IPad and Accessories Case. I am making it for the added accessories as my DH has purchased himself a keyboard and camera connection to replace his laptop. His IPad is his prized possession and is now used for just about everything including my own personal addiction Words with Friends.

Here are the photos I posted with the material choices I had for DH's IPad case. 

But I have made it achievable to be made with scraps or pre cut fabrics (ie: jelly roll strips).

So over the next few days, I will post the tutorial and instructions in Parts. I am yet to make the finalised project but will post instructions after each part has been finished. I may post a couple of parts over the coming hours and days. I think that this project could definitely be achieved over a weekend with little hiccups. When I have finished I will put the whole tutorial up on my tutorial pages with each part and photos included. 

Wish me luck as this is my first tutorial.

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