Saturday, July 2, 2011

Part 2 - QAYG, Quilting and General Sewing

So the next step is about getting our different pieces ready to put the case together. As I stated in my previous post, we are going to use QAYG method to make the case and pockets. I decided to go this way because all your sewing and quilting is done in one step.

There is going to be some general sewing in this tutorial. So we can start with this step first before we move onto the QAYG. In my design, I have created two compartments that will be used for the camera port and charger cord. (These were requested by DH).

I am using my normal sewing foot to make this part. Select your 4" X 10" fabric pieces and place right sides together. You should have two. Firstly, sew around 3 sides of your pieces of fabric that measure 4" X 10".

Cut the corners,turn in the right way and press with the iron. Put aside because we will be adding them to the case lining. I plan to add these on after I have cut out the template of the IPad case in part 3.

Now for the QAYG part. Its simple, its easy and its two steps in one. Sewing and quilting. I add my walking foot at this stage because it will be easier with the added layers. I also used a heavier needle in my machine to help go through the layers.

Step 1: 
Take your wadding pieces and lining pieces for the pockets and baste however you desire. I like basting spray. This is an adhesive that washes out after the project is completed.  Put them aside.

Next baste the wadding and lining of the flap.
We are then going to add our magnetic button to this part of the process. Measure where you would like your button to be.
The finished flap rectangle will be cut 4" X 8.5". I placed my button 1.5" from the top of my finished measurement for the flap. It is a good idea to mark where the button will be placed as you need to use your quick unpick to cut the fabric so that the button prongs go through the lining and wadding.
I then basted a 1.5" square of wadding over the back of the button. Then baste your top piece of fabric to the wadding. We are then going to quilt the flap but make sure that you don't quilt over the button or you will regret it later.
We are not going to baste our case lining to the wadding as we need to add our smaller pockets to the lining before it is attached. We also need to add the second part of the magnetic button to the outer side of the case. 

Step 2:
QAYG is now ready to begin.  I will start with my case. You can quilt and sew your 2.5" strip any way you like. I'm going to do mine on the diagonal. Make sure the your stitch length on your machine is larger. I have a Janome and set my length at 2.8 for all quilting.

When you have finished covering the wadding with your strips and quilting at the same time, trim the edges so that you have a rectangle again. If you want to add more decorative quilting to your project please do but its not necessary because all the layers will be quilted already.
Next do the same process to your pockets with the 2.5" strips. Once these are complete you should have 3 rectangles, a case, a IPad pocket and a keyboard pocket.

Step 3:
Now its time to quilt your flap if you haven't already done it. Quilt it anyway you like. I'm going to do some straight quilting and cross hatch. This will ensure that I will not quilt over the magnetic button.

Now go and have fun sewing. I'm off to finish off my sewing so that I'm ready for the next part.

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  1. I am all up to date, except for the clasp. Hopebto get one so I am ready for your next lot of instructions.


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