Friday, July 1, 2011

Part One - Quilted IPad Case

Are we all ready to begin? 

Well to start lets have a look at what we are going to need to make this item. Because I'm in Australia, we tend to buy pieces of fabric by the metre. So when talking about fabric requirements I will use how much I had in metres and not yardage.

Fabric Requirements:
5 pieces of 1/2 metre fabric (color choices were made by DH)
1.5 metres of homespun or fabric for lining and binding
Cotton Wadding (scraps I've collected from left over quilting)
Pelon or fusible interfacing
1 magnetic button

Please note that people are able to use any scraps from their stash to make this case. If you want to use up your scraps or precut fabrics just adhere to the cutting requirements for the tutorial.

To give you an understanding of what is involved in the piecing of this project, I will be using Quilt As You Go (QAYG). So the cutting requirements will be based on this. All sections of this project are initially cut and pieced as rectangles. I plan to use curves on the case so these will be shaped into the project once the QAYG is completed. The case will use bias binding as well to finish off the project.

Please note that I have made extra pockets to allow for the IPad accessories that my DH has purchased. If you don't want these with your IPad you can just make the outer case minus some pockets. I will outline what each cutting requirement is for.

Cutting Requirements:
20 2.5" strips from my fabric (4 strips of the 5 fabrics). These will be used to make the outside of the case, IPad pocket and Keyboard Pocket.

16" X 24" piece of wadding
16" X 24 piece of pelon or fusible interfacing
16" x 24" piece of lining. I used black homespun.

IPad Pocket:
16" X 11" piece of wadding
16" X 11" piece of lining
2.5" strip for binding top of pocket

Keyboard Pocket:
16" X 8" piece of wadding
16" X 8" piece of lining
2.5" strip for binding top of pocket

Small pockets (X2):
4 4" x 10" pieces of fabric

Outside Flap:
6" X 10" piece of fabric
6" X 10" piece of wadding
6" X10" piece of lining

I have cut 2.5" strips for the case binding on the bias. I used some of the left over fabric from cutting out my lining pieces that had selvage attached. I have to apologise that I didn't take any photos of cutting out the bias binding as my camera was flat. But the basic instructions are for cutting bias strips is the following:

Put your 45 degree angle measurement from your ruler on the selvage of your fabric and cut off a small section. Then using your 2.5" measurement on your ruler cut strips as you would normally but diagonally across the fabric butting up the 2.5" against the edge you just cut. Your binding strips will be straight and the ends will be on the diagonal.

If you are unsure about bias strips. I will post pictures tomorrow of my strips and go through it step by step again with some photos.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am so silly. I was reading your small pockets as 44 x 10; not 4. 4x10 lol. Right now I have that under control back to the cutting mat.....this afternoon of course


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