Monday, June 20, 2011


I think that I'm starting to get to the stage with my kids that I really enjoy my solo time. Having two little dependent children who rely on you 24/7 becomes draining at times especially when you are faced with hourly challenges.

But then again there are those moment of bliss the come along that you are so grateful for. I'm grateful that my 2 year old still needs an afternoon nap. So today he decided to fall asleep in front of the TV  after lunch and his morning playgroup session. I thought that I would share the blissful photo.

I am also grateful for my friends and family. 

I love catching up with my Sunday group of special sewing friends monthly. Its my down time, my time to be silly and have fun and my sanity time, to recharge the batteries for the next month. But when I look at the photo above, its not all that bad, just at times, manic and mad...


  1. This photo speaks volumes! Being a Mom of little ones is a demanding job. No matter how much you love them, they do drain your batteries. It is good that you realize the need for things you enjoy, such as your sewing group, that allow you to recharge. My "kids" are now 32, 31, 26, and 22, but I still remember the feeling after a high energy day of peeking in to see them peacefully sleeping and enjoying that they were doing just that.


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