Friday, June 10, 2011

Something I'm not so crazy about

I decided to work on my next Friendship Block Swap for my local quilting group Murray Mallee Quilters today whilst I visited my Mum. We are both quilters so I was able to use my Mum's sewing machine.

This month my friendship swap is for Ann. Ann is a beautiful quilter and her workmanship is amazing. So Ann requested a 12 1/2" crazy patch blocks in purples and creams from her swap partners. Now not ever having done crazy patch before, I have to openly admit that its just not my thing. I sewed the patch up and now I have to do the decorative stitches. 

I am happy to try out new techniques or patterns but I don't think crazy patch is for me.


  1. Looks good for your first go you should find a sewing machine with lots of decorative stitches so you won't have to hand sew!

  2. I have a stitch encyclopedia if you want to borrow it

  3. I took a one time class in this kind of block a few years ago. I have only used it once since. But I do love your purples and creams!

  4. i've seen these blocks done in colors of roses with each fabric as a new petal on the flower. one woman cut hers in hexagon shapes, too, and made a rose garden quilt. hers looked pretty.

  5. not saying that your's isn't pretty, though. duh. i was just saying that you never know if someone will make a block and then you'll suddenly fall in love with it.


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