Wednesday, June 8, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday

Welcome back Lee. I hope that your toilet training adventures were not too grueling. I'm getting ready for the whole toilet training run with my 2 year old son in the next few weeks.

So this week it was about reaching my 5 goals on my list. I was busily working to achieve at least some of these but as always it is a W.I.P. for sure.

1. Make pillow cases for the hexagon stars. - This did not happen as I have to buy some fabric for the pillow cases.
2. Cut out fabric for my Friendship Challenge. All fabrics are picked and ready for ironing and cutting. - Still a W.I.P
3. Finish putting together Archie's quilt. I did happen to iron the pieces that I had sewn together. Doesn't it look gorgeous. Can't wait to see how it all looks sewn together. Must get a wriggle on..LOL
4. Cut fabric for my next Quilt Block Swap and hopefully start putting them together. Here is the cut fabric but not sewn together
5. Finish off my Friendship Swap blocks so I'm up to date with this month. I made significant progress on a stitchery but have yet to finish it. Hopefully by next Wednesday there will be more of a show and tell.
When I started blogging, I made of list of the things that I wanted to achieve the most in 2011. My biggest UFO or W.I.P. if you like was my diamond hexagon quilt. I fell in love with an antique quilt I saw in a book a couple of years ago and decided that I needed to make one of my own. I chose the gorgeous muted fabric range At Water's Edge and purchase a large quantity of the fabric to ensure that I had enough to play around with. 
Diamond to be completed
So far I have pieced 16 hexagon diamonds and put them together with background fabric. My special friend Michelle at Daisy Hill Quilts is also making one is 1800's reproduction fabrics and was kind enough to work out the finer details or maths work if you like.
The quilt looks something like this. I need 99 completed diamonds and half diamonds to complete that quilt top for a queen size bed using 1" hexagons. Here is my completed quilt top so far...

Diamonds Completed: 16
Half Side Diamonds: 0
Half Length Diamonds: 0

So as part of W.I.P. Wednesday I have decided that I desperately want to get this W.I.P completed because I will probably want to hand quilt it as well. So as of this week, I will attempt to complete one diamond and some background to add around. Its still going to take a while but you can watch my diamonds develop over the coming weeks.

So for my W.I.P list this week.  I don't think that I want to have a list. I just want to see how things come about as the week pans out. I thought that I had made some achievements this week (even with a head cold) so I hope to have a great show and tell for you all next Wednesday.


  1. Wow, Kylie! The blocks you are working with are so detailed! The hexies are beautiful and I can't wait to see more of your tumbling blocks as they progress! Well done ;)

  2. Those are tiny hexies at 1". I have a Grandmother's Flower Garden WIP--has been for over a decade--and the hexies aren't that small. I just assumed yours were the same size as mine. What a masterpiece that will be!! Keep going, girl!

  3. Holy cow! That hexagon diamond quilt is going to be AMAZING! Amazing might not be the word for it. Looks like a ton of work but I can't wait to see more.

    Good luck with your upcoming potty training! Ack, SO not fun. But once it's done, it's such a weight off your mind. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )


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