Thursday, June 23, 2011

Modern Quilts

As I browse my favourite blog sites, I'm amazed at the gorgeous modern quilts that are being produced. So my mind has been boggling about what kind of pattern and fabric I would use and I think that I have found just the answer.

So for the time being I am keeping things a bit hush. I want it to be a surprise and a show and tell along the way. What I can tell you is this.

Finished Quilt Size: 50" x 61"

There are 2 different blocks used in the quilt and there will be a total of 80 blocks made. I have a white homespun for the background and 10 different fabrics.

The original pattern was used with 1930's fabric but I have looked outside the box with the fabrics I chose to make this quilt. I love looking at patterns and seeing more to them by using different fabrics.
I am enjoying seeing how modern and fresh the new contemporary fabrics are and how people use these fabrics in basic designs to give it a fresh look. I am also enjoying how these modern fresh fabrics are being used to give traditional patterns a new lease on life (as an expression of speech). I have noticed this especially with the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along and the Skill Builder Sampler Quilt Along.

So I am spending my evening cutting up this gorgeous fabric to make a start on the quilt. I want to make it with my Synchronized Squares Quilt Along that I have cut ready to sew.

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  1. Those fabrics are definitely out of my comfort zone, but they look like a stack my daughter would bring home from the fabric store. I always love what she makes--it just isn't my personal style. I look forward to seeing what you create.


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