Wednesday, June 1, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday

Its that time of the week again. Some like to think of it as 'hump day' but for others its all about our sewing and craft. Time to reflect, review and achieve for the next upcoming week.
Sadly, Lee at Freshly Pieced is on family duties (she is toilet training her 2 year old) and has handed over the W.I.P Wednesday to Don't Call Me Betsy. So while we are on the subject and change of scenery, Betsy is having a quilt along starting at the end of June. Go and check it out. I haven't decided if I will join yet but it sounds interesting. I have some fabric just sitting around waiting for the right thing to come along.

So what have I achieved this week. Well being hexagon mad, I've finished off the second black and white star/snowflake however you like to see them and I've decided to put them on a couple of pillow cases. They are going to be a birthday present. So the next W.I.P. is to make the pillow cases.

Secondly I have fallen behind on my Friendship swap with my local quilting group Murray Mallee Quilters. So I have been playing catch up. Haven't had a chance to take any pics but stay tuned they will eventually arrive sometime soon.

Instead of my usual list of W.I.P.s. This week I've decided to break down some achievable goals for my upcoming week.
1. Make pillow cases for the hexagon stars.
2. Cut out fabric for my Friendship Challenge. All fabrics are picked and ready for ironing and cutting.
3. Finish putting together Archie's quilt.
4. Cut fabric for my next Quilt Block Swap and hopefully start putting them together.
5. Finish off my Friendship Swap blocks so I'm up to date with this month.


  1. Wow Kylie,
    you are on fire with your to do list.
    Breaking it down is a must, I must do that too.

  2. I love your hexagon stars, so pretty! Great job :) I hope you decide to come join the quilt-along, it's going to be a lot of fun! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

  3. Love your hexie stars! My goal list for the week turned into one thing: finish something!

  4. Love your hexie snowflakes, a nice idea to applique them onto a pillow case. Yes, go ahead and do the quilt along because I can't and I would love to.

  5. Beautiful snowflake blocks. Clever way to use the hexies!

  6. hexagons are so addicting. i'm sure your pillowcases will be gorgeous.


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