Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sewing with Friends

So last night I arranged a sewing party date with my special friend Simone, who happens to live in a different state (6 hour drive away). We had a Friendship Challenge that we were supposed to have finished in September 2011 that just never happened. 

So now its time to get a wriggle on and get moving on our challenges and what a better way to get a quilt finished than set aside some time to sew together. We had our own little party to spur the other on and spent the evening sewing and texting our progresses.

My other special friend, Michelle decided to join in on the action and work on some hand piecing for her Rose Star Block.

So the idea was to use our machines to sew some of our quilt tops together. As I hadn't started sewing, I started to sew some of my HSTs together. I sewed until I dropped (around 11:40pm). I am paying for it today. Very tired for sure. I'm not sure how many I sewed together but there seems to be a large pile still to piece together.

I also managed at the start of the evening to sew some more of the wedding quilt together. A small achievement was made towards completing Block B for the quilt.

Simone managed to sew a block together. Isn't it gorgeous. My fabric choice appears in the corners of the block.

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  1. I love the fabrics choices in that first block. So pretty!
    Sounds like a fun, late night!


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