Wednesday, February 1, 2012

W.I.P Wednesday January Achievements...February's goals

It's Wednesday again and I'm off to visit Lee at Freshly Pieced for another W.I.P Wednesday.

My New Year's resolution for quilting was to have monthly goals rather than being overloaded with lots of W.I.P.S. for the year as my list is out of control. 

So I managed to do the following:
1. Finish off the checkered baby quilt, that is now known as "Checkered Patches". It was blogged here
2. I have linked up with W.I.P. Wednesday throughout the whole month of January.
3. Blogged more than once a week.
4. Had a fantastic big 5 birthday party even though I was unwell. Many of the kids that came said that they had a great time.
5. I have worked on my hexagons and other paper piecing projects over the month as this was the easiest thing to do with being so unwell. 
6. I started to quilt Will's floor panel but it is currently at a stand still. Need to finish it off and bind.
7. No progress on Hannah's quilt
8. Wedding quilt progress has been slow due to my ill health. Need to get back on track for sure.
9. My W.I.P list is too long and would take ages to catalog.  So I'm trying to look at what I can achieve in the next month and try to get rid of my W.I.P in the process.
10. I have identified my February goals.

So for my February goals.
1. Finish off one extra special Wedding Quilt

2. Visit Lee at Freshly Pieced weekly

3. Keep up my regular blogging

4. Finish off Will's floor panel and Hannah's quilt so I can send them off to their respective owners.

5. Start a new project making a raffle quilt for our local Playgroup for the Mother's Day raffle.

6. Keep plugging away at the Friendship Challenge with my special friend Simone.

This week it's all about sewing machines. Priority One,  its wedding quilt week. I need to get the top done and dusted and to a LAQ asap. The wedding day is looming. Sewing machine, here I come. I'm finally over whatever I had and back in business to sew my evenings away.

I also have a sewing party date with a special friend. We are working on our Friendship Challenge quilts together. The date is Friday night. We live in different states but the point is to work on the quilts that should have been finished last year. Yep, that's right, the due dates were last September when the challenge was supposed to finish but it just never happened. Now its time to get a move on. So we made a party date to get sewing separately, but together to finish off our quilts. Stay tuned.

And finally, I've managed to nearly complete my colored hexagon quilt top. So super excited. Its nearly wrapped up and then its getting it prepared for hand quilting. I will keep everyone in suspense a little while longer so I can photo the top finished. 

I've also worked on a Rose Star block using civil war fabric and smaller paper pieces than the original block. I have more pieces cut and basted of both fabric ranges to stitch together.


  1. You do have so many goals--I seldom get that specific with my quilting goals because I don't usually meet them and then I get discouraged. I applaud you for your structure.
    I love that Rose Star block in CW prints. Very striking!

  2. I'm very impressed by your achievements and goals. Good luck with February! Also love your rose star:)

  3. I think it's great that you make a list for yourself, it makes goals so much more achievable and you are not as likely to loose focus. Your rose star block looks lovely.

  4. That's a gorgeous rose star block!

  5. Oh my, you've accomplished so much and you should feel proud of yourself!

    The Rose Star blocks are so pretty and fun to work on, aren't they!

  6. Wow, I am amazed at what all you get accomplished!

  7. I like the idea of monthly goals - they work better for me too. Great job on getting things done!


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