Wednesday, February 22, 2012

W.I.P Wednesday

Well I'm here. I'm so exhausted this week and I still have to travel to a wedding on Friday morning. I feel like my week has been filled with activities and appointments. For all of those Mummies and Daddies out there who know about these weeks, I can't wait for it to be over.

So I plan to catch up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for another W.I.P Wednesday before I head off on my time away. It's going to feel weird without the little ones around but I plan to enjoy some 1:1 time with my DH.

So now for my progress update.

This week I joined FNSI (Friday Night Sew-In) so make some progress on the wedding quilt. I managed to finish piecing the strip sets for the blocks. 

I have also started making Block B. 

The quilt is for a queen size bed. Lets just say, there is no quilt going to Tasmania with me, but I plan to make it a finish and send it off as soon I can. Stay tuned.

I also worked on my Rose Star Blocks. Another one finished in my brights and I've started number 2 using civil war fabrics.

finally my little man has his big 3 birthday this week. There was no party as he's still developing his social skills and finds too many people confronting and he tends to withdraw.


  1. Hi Kylie I love your polka star rose, lovely colours xx

  2. Have a safe trip and great time at the wedding.

  3. Your Rose Star blocks look wonderful. Have a great time away at the wedding!

  4. Have fun at the wedding! What a cute little guy! Yes, I know those weeks. Good luck getting everything done.

  5. Good for you to get the monkey off your back and admit that the quilt won't be ready. At least you give yourself some room to breath!!
    I do love your bright Rose Star, but the CW print will probably steal my heart. : )
    Have a good time with DH and safe travels!

  6. So know about "those" kinds of weeks and the rest that comes from a little time away from little ones. Your Rose Star is beautiful, and so is your lil' tater tot!

    Enjoy and I'm sure they will love the quilt when it is gifted to them. How fun to be able to open a gift from the heart!

  7. I'm sure they'll understand about the quilt. After all a late handmade quilt is better than another crock pot or bread maker any day!

  8. Great progress on all fronts. Happy birthday to the little man, and there's plenty of time for parties later. I know I don't remember that young, and neither do my children, so it's no big sacrifice. =) Enjoy that 1:1!

  9. Your rose star is wonderful. Love the Cw one, I love Cw fabrics.

  10. Enjoy the time away form your darlings.. next trip away they will be with you! I am excited about seeing your quilt for the wedding.
    Love your rose star, you are a machine with hand piecing.

  11. Have fun at the wedding.
    Love your rose star block, and I'm interested to see it in the Civil War fabrics.


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