Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wedding Pics

I am now home and have some great photos to share. We had a lovely time. We missed the kids terribly and they missed us. It was a long 3 days for them and very quick for us.

DH and I

Gorgeous Bride and Father in Law


My DH and I

DH and his sister, the Bride

DH and his brother in law, the Groom

The wedding cake (yummy mud cake)

Now that we are home we are going to have a busy week before going away for another getaway, this time as a family.


  1. Looks like a very special day, Kylie. Beautiful cake. Fun to see you and your DH!

  2. A great day by the looks of it.
    I haven't seen you all dolled up.
    Very swish !
    Glad you are home safely.


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