Wednesday, February 8, 2012

W.I.P Wednesday

OMG its Wednesday again. Where has my week gone. Well it went. I've been busy finalising Playgroup ready to have our Open Day and get ready for the kids to return for the year. 

Miss A started Pre School. That was a huge event this week.

And to top it off, Master L and I are sick again. Yep, that's right, we have colds. Can't seem to get rid of the lurgy germs that keep on appearing when we don't want them to. I have a wedding to attend in two weeks and I want to be all better. Lots of vitamin C for me and fluids. 

So what has happened this week in the crafty stakes.

I've participated in a little sewing party to spur me on to complete my Friendship Challenge.

I've managed to finish off another Diamond Hexagon. Number 30.

I worked on my Rose Star Blocks and have completed two in different sizes and fabric ranges. I've started on the next blocks so stay tuned.

I've been discovering patterns I want to try out and I have just the fabric. Here it is. A sneak peek and no more said. You will just have to wait for the unveiling.

I've made some progress on the wedding quilt, but it came to a holt again when I became ill. I may have to give the happy couple an IOU for their wedding gift or at least a photo of the impending project.

Best thing about the week to come is that DH starts holidays on Friday and will be off work for 31 nights. Woo Hoo. Time to get away, relax and spend some RnR time with the family.

So it appears that my hand piecing EPP projects have kept me sane this week. So head over to visit Lee at Freshly Pieced to see what others have gotten up to this week. 


  1. Love love love your Rose Star blocks. :D

  2. Your rose star blocks are wonderful. I've done one and I'm still on the second.

  3. I love your rose star block with the fussy cut stripes! I also think your diamond hexagon project looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow - that diamond is beautiful! Love the fabrics for the new quilt too!! Yay!

  5. Kylie sorry you are so sick again. Hope you get better before the wedding. I am loving your EPP and can't wait to see what you are doing with your Friendship squares! What a great idea to have a sewing party, might have to hook with with the party!

  6. Great Rose Star blocks. I love the orange and blue.

  7. Don't you just hate colds????? I feel for you. All of your projects look great....that hexie diamond must be tedious to do


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