Saturday, March 17, 2012

FNSI - Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin centre complete

I finished off my middle block for the modern mini mystery round robin as part of my FNSI. It was lots of fun. I really had to concentrate as I have never really paper foundation pieced before. I love it.

Here is a peak.

I also managed to sew together minus 1 strip for another Jelly Roll race quilt. I also had a sewing mishap and sewed 1 right side to 1 wrong side. Oh well. It was unpicked and I will sew it again another day. It is pinned ready to go.

So there was my Friday night. One small achievement made. Not what I had originally planned but I had a finish.


  1. I really like your center block for the Round Robin. It will be fun to see what your group members do with it.

    I have yet to figure out what I'm going to do for mine. Too many ideas running around in my head.

  2. That center block is very fun looking!
    Don't you hate it when you sew something on the wrong way and don't notice until it is all sewn?

  3. Very nice block, kylie. Love the colours.

  4. This sounds like such a fun round robin. Your block is great!

  5. This is going to be a fun round robin! This block is so adorable, and the colors so fresh!


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