Wednesday, March 21, 2012

W.I.P Wednesday

Wow, is it Wednesday again already. I've had such a busy week I'm surprised that I achieved anything at all.

So I'm heading over to visit Lee at Freshly Pieced to link up with W.I.P. Wednesday.

So how have I spent my week. Let's just say that this week has gone by and I think I've missed a few days or lost count of them. My son has had a couple of specialist appointments over the past week and we have had to travel to Melbourne (4 hours) to attend one of his appointments. But as much as we don't like these appointments we have had some great news. Master L has outgrown his dairy allergy. It is a huge relief and excitement for us as it opens up more options for food now. He has to go back in 12 months because his egg allergy has not changed but hey, there are more foods with dairy in their ingredients than eggs.

So what have I achieved this week?? Let's see.

I completed another Jelly Roll Race Quilt top as a sample.
I ran this as a workshop/lesson for my fellow Murray Mallee Quilters on Saturday for our monthly Saturday sewing. I had 4 members join in the fun and 3  were surprised to go home with finished quilt tops.

  I received this lovely mug for my running the activity. I love the colors and felt very spoilt.

I joined in with Friday Night Sew-In and finished my centre block for the Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin. I also attempted to get some jelly roll strips together for another race quilt but had a couple of blunders. You can read more about that here.

I caught up with my special friends on Sunday for my monthly me time away from all Mummy duties. I really needed it this month for sure. I think I've been losing my mind. I just need the time out to recharge the batteries. Boy did it help. I was so more relaxed after my little time away. It was just wonderful.

I have also had fun with some hexagons. I have something running about in my mind which I will share later but in the mean time, I have been stitching and basting them together. I'm not willing to share photos at this stage.


  1. I had to smile when you slipped in something about hexies there at the end. They are ever present in your quilting life. : )

  2. Glad you could get some me time, we all need that once in a while, no? Your race quilt looks like a fun and fast project!

  3. So understand about the me time! Glad you got the chance to recharge :o) Lovely projects BTW!

  4. Love the jelly roll quilts!! If they're that fast & easy to put together I'm going to have to add one to my list for my son! Love the block you're working on! :)


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