Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy Weekend

Reading my last post made me realise how many errors or grammatical mistakes I made. Oops, I guess that it must have been the time of the day. I'm not really a morning person and the caffeine hadn't reached my brain.

So I had a busy weekend. My little girl decided that her favourite doll, Katy needed a quilt. Katy is so loved that the pigment on her face and hands is rubbing off which gives her a lovely dirty look.

She is usually very interested in what I do and always requests my cuts of scraps that would normally be put aside as rubbish to make her own quilts. So whilst my son slept, I decided to make a QAYG doll's quilt with my daughter.

As you can imagine, she helped select the fabric and we were making a very simple log cabin type block. After the third strip she decided that she had had enough but continually asked for the quilt and when it was going to be finished. It had to be played with after each strip was added. So after two hours of putting the doll quilt together, I still had to do the binding, my little girl was begging to play with it.

I was exhausted by Saturday evening and couldn't bring myself to bind the doll quilt. I actually sat and finished knitting my daughter her new winter scarf in variegated pink acrylic wool.

On Sunday I have my monthly get together with an amazing bunch of like minded women who love patchwork and quilting. So I sat and cut fabric for my quilted fabric basket, made hexagons and chatted. This is my solo time and I love it!!!! My DH who works night shift even gave me a leave pass (Nanny's away and has the kids when DH works the night before my Sunday group) and woke up early so I could go.

I did get the binding completed on Sunday night after the children were in bed. Now just to sew it down. So she is patiently waiting for the doll quilt to be finished because Katy is desperately waiting to use it. But requests have started for her other beloved toys as I've been told that they are asking for their own quilts now too. What have I started?

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