Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quilt Block Swap

I finished off my next Quilt Block Swap log cabin blocks last night to send over to Florida for the April swap.
I found this swap on Facebook. It's great. Every 2 months, a fantastic lady in Florida who coordinates the swap puts up on her blog the next block. You can either participate or not it is entirely up to the individual. I discovered this in November last year and have participated in the last 3 swaps.

As part of the swap, you make 5 blocks to swap (or how ever many you would like if you would like to make more) 1 block that goes into a charity quilt and 1 block for yourself.

I made 12 blocks to send overseas as part of this swap. I was asked to make the charity quilt for this block swap and I agreed. The quilt I make will go to a child in foster care with our local agency. Kids in foster care usually don't come into care with many personal items and this quilt will be their very own possession which they can take with them when they leave. My kids love their quilts and I wanted to pass on something wonderful to another child that may not necessarily have that experience.

For those that have been keeping up with my posts, I just wanted to share Katy enjoying her quilt.

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