Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter endeavours...

Well we into our last day of public holidays after the Easter Weekend. Its been extra long this year as we have also had ANZAC day and its public holiday as well. ANZAC day is when we remember our soldiers who have lost their lives. So I have had some extra time for crafting especially because it has been the end of our school holidays as well. The routines return to normal tomorrow and things will be full steam ahead.

I did some work putting together my quilted fabric basket which needs to be finished in the next couple of weeks.

I've also been stitching for my local quilting group's friendship block swap. There is no picture yet but I will post it once I have finished the block. I enjoy stitching and it is a nice break away from the sewing machine.

But I have spent quite of bit of time outside with the little ones. The weather has been glorious and too nice to stay inside. So my DH decided that he would take a photo of me outside whilst my daughter was busily riding her bike up and down the street.
I just happened to be writing on my blog and putting up my Christmas Cards group on Flickr .

But what I loved the most was taking some family shots of my other babies. As my mother would call them my Furbies. Well some of them anyway. Here are Abbey (black Labrador cross) and Roxy (Golden Retriever).

Also the newest addition to our menagerie is the resident garden spider who has been living between the fence and trampoline for the last 6 - 8 weeks. It is getting huge but not at all bothered when the kids are jumping on the trampoline.


  1. You always seem to get the right colours happening. I admire you in how you do this. I am so jealous...

  2. Thanks. It must be Michelle's influence. She has a great eye for colour and things that go together.


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