Friday, April 29, 2011 I love fabric

So this week its about fabric.

I chose my fabric and some other items for my Snickerdoodle's Paper Bag Swap that commences in May. I will send it away and receive a lovely gift in return. How lucky am I?
Furthermore, my friendship challenge that I have started with my friend has begun. I went to my local quilt shop Miss Sampson's Drapery for some fabric.  Of course, I just needed to buy new fabric for the challenge and not use what I already have at home. My four year old daughter accompanied me on the adventure and was looking at all the beautiful fabric asking me constantly if this is what I wanted to buy.

I love spots. I have so many spots in my stash I could make a spotty quilt. So just some more spots but these special spots will go into a quilt made by my friend Simone.


  1. Wooo, love the fabric...
    My goodness my mind is thinking thinking thinking of what I have that can be got with it, bearing in it needs to be scrappy... hmmmmmm

  2. I'm sure that you have fabric that will go.


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