Friday, April 15, 2011

New Project on the go

We all know as quilters how we just can't help ourselves when it comes to creating new projects for ourselves. As it happened yet again, I was contemplating the quilt I would be making for my sister in law's upcoming wedding and finally deciding what I would do that I discovered in my fabric stash some left over flannel off cuts (the same I'm using for the wedding quilt) and decided that my gorgeous boy needed a flannel quilt this winter.

So I cut. I cut 4" squares and 2" strips and 1 1/2" strips and still had some off cuts to play with to.

So now to design. I will keep you posted. But when you can't sleep (its 6:30am here), I've decided to be up blogging because I nothing better to do. But at the end of this project and I've made a promise that its not going to be another UFO, it will be for this gorgeous little monster.

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